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Technical equipment
The CAFE4DM vision statement: Innovation, Scale up, and Roll out


Our aim is to address the challenges in creating and manufacturing new formulated products in fast moving consumer goods (home/personal care and food products).

The project brings together a multi-disciplinary team from The University of Manchester, the University of Cambridge and Unilever who are a global leader in the research, process design and manufacture of formulated products. The project is also supported by Process Systems Enterprise Ltd.

A major outcome of the project will be a demonstrator of the Industry 4.0 concept which will enable smart factories to be realised in the process sector and thus allow the UK to remain at the forefront of manufacturing in this field.

The main objective is to develop a new modelling approach and the associated materials, measurement and validation to predict the properties of new formulated products associated with fast moving consumer goods (home/personal care and food products).

This will:

  • Significantly reduce conventional physical experimentation
  • Increase efficiency of product and process identification

This will lead to:

  • Reduced cost
  • Minimisation of waste
  • Acceleration of the route from lab to market place