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Technical machinery

Process Analytics

The overall aims of WP3 are to develop a suite of in-line techniques to enable the rapid development and manufacture of new formulated products.

We will focus on the current inadequacies of characterising liquid properties in standard benchtop equipment through replacing these measurements with accurate, real-time, in-line measurements at pilot and manufacturing scale.

WP3.1 Experimental test rigs (batch and continuous flow) (Fonte, Rodgers, Martin(Peter), Martin, Kowalski, Baker)

  • Modification of existing rigs for in-line instrumentation Implement distributed control system

WP3.2 In-situ spectroscopy (Martin, Mendoza, Mihailova)

  • In situ Near-IR, FTIR, Raman

WP3.3 In-process fibre optic sensor applications (Scully, Martin, Mendoza, Kowlaski)

  • Measurements of stress, birefringence, fluorescence

WP3.4 Shear-banding and wall characterisation (Waigh, Mendoza)

  • Optical coherence tomography

WP3.5 Proxy measurement of viscosity (Rodgers, Baker)

  • eg, electrical impedance tomography

WP3.6 Process data analytics and control (Lennox, Hayes)

  • Application and development of linear and non-linear multivariate statistical methodologies to extract actionable information from the data that can be used in control systems.