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0point4M solution of C10TAB at 25C - EPSR refined micelle structures

Structure-Property Relationships

The overall aims of WP2 are to provide a detailed understanding of the interactions involved between the components within the complex fluid and to develop a semi-empirical correlative model to predict their properties.

The structure of the complex fluids will be determined using scattering and spectroscopic techniques. This information will used to provide input data in order to develop the correlative and predictive models of viscosity in gPROMS.

WP2.1 Scattering (Hardacre, Muryn, Bowron, T. Youngs, Cook, S. Youngs)

  • Development of X-ray and Neutron scattering methods 
  • Design and commissioning of shear cells

WP2.2 NMR (Nilsson, Cook)

  • EXSY (Exchange NMR Spectroscopy) and inline flow systems, Raman

WP2.3 Correlative modelling (Avendano, Noro)

  • Interaction parameter determination and formulation with the gSAFT-VR-Mie platform for viscosity prediction